Overview of Initial Designs


Overview of Initial Designs

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The Initial designs aim to address key movement corridors for the community accessing shops, school, nursery and other local facilities along Union Street, Academy Street (inc car park), Mauchline Service Road and the junctions across Mauchline Road.

These have come from the information we discovered and ideas developed with the local community since September 2019. Residents, young people, businesses and community groups have all contributed through events, meetings, walkabouts and online comments. We’ve also conducted our own research looking at people movements, asking you how you feel about your neighbourhood alongside conducting vehicle speed and volume counts and a parking and loading survey.

These comments and surveys have been developed into five objectives so that the designs for the ‘Design Focus Area’ will endeavour to address current issues and opportunities identified so far by the community:

Re-design public spaces so they feel more inviting to spend time in and travel through by:

  • removing unnecessary street clutter (e.g poles and railings);
  • creating intergenerational public spaces for community activities;
  • removing inappropriate parking;
  • moving the bus stop to a more central location; and
  • adding build outs, trees and street furniture.
  • Create a safer street environment by slowing down vehicles and enhancing crossings by:

  • raising the junctions across Mauchline Road to improve visibility;
  • introducing a one-way on Mauchline Service Road for vehicles with a contra-flow for cyclists;
  • building out the pavements along Academy Street and Union Street to reduce the carriageway to approx. 6m.
  • Improve local journeys by making it easier for people of all ages to access local facilities and businesses by:

  • improving formal crossings on Mauchline Road;
  • adding informal crossing points along Academy Street, Union Street, Blair Road and Cessnock Road;
  • using continuous pavements along Academy Street;
  • creating a pedestrian friendly environment on Mauchline Service Road;
  • highlighting the route to school, shops and local facilities; and
  • improving signage.
  • Better utilisation of road space by formalising parking and highlighting links to existing public car parks by:

  • formalising vehicle parking where possible;
  • physically reinforcing waiting restrictions;
  • introducing a timed-loading bay for businesses on Mauchline Road;
  • highlighting links to existing car parks; and
  • trialling a Park & Stride within walking distance of the primary school.
  • Strengthening Community Identity by:

  • highlighting the village's history and heritage;
  • creating spaces where people can meet and spend time in; and
  • signposting to activities and points of interest within the village.
  • *All designs subject to further investigation and development.

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    Overview of Initial Designs
    Overview of Initial Designs

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