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Talking Pictures activities

Over the past couple of weeks, the team have dropped in to the Mother & Toddler and the Cuppa & Blether groups, to carry out a ‘Talking Pictures’ activity.

Photos of different locations around Hurlford are displayed, with the aim to get people thinking and talking about the area. On a post-it, participants can write down their thoughts and feelings about the photo, whether they: like the location; enjoy spending time there; would like to see certain improvements.

At the Mother & Toddler group, there were great engagements with parents (and a couple of toddlers!) Lots of insightful comments were collected.

The second session of 'Talking Pictures,' was carried out at the fortnightly Cuppa & Blether. The team received a very warm welcome, as well as some great blethers with the attendees.

This session was slightly different; as well as photos of the area now, there were also some historical photos, taken from the book, ‘ Old Hurlford and Crookedholm ,’ John MacKenzie. The use of these photos was to encourage people to talk about the history and heritage of the area. It was very interesting hearing everybody’s stories and seeing some peoples own photos of Hurlford in the past.

If you have stories to share, please get in touch, as it is hoped that a library of stories will be created and displayed at future events.

Thank you to everybody who came along and contributed!

What’s coming next?

There will be more ‘Talking Pictures,’ activities along with several other activities, taking place at our next event, please come along!

Event details: Thursday 5th December, 5.30-8pm at the Thistle, Riccarton Road , Hurlford. This is a drop-in event, with a brief presentation at 7pm, on the progress of the project. There will be a chance to see what key themes have come out from the information gathered from the community so far and to suggest some solutions for designs. There will also be a festive fun crafts table for you to get involved in.

Posted on 25th November 2019

by Cat Wright