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Hurlford Primary School Engagement March 2020

We have been working with the pupils of Hurlford Primary School over the last month to gain feedback on the initial designs for Hurlford, encourage pupils to walk, cycle or scoot to school more often as well as working with the JRSO’s to think about how to reduce parking outside the school trough a park and Stride.

Meeting with the JRSOs

We met with 10 Junior Road safety Officers on 5th March. We took the pupils out on the street to create a 5 and 10 minute walking zone for part of a park and stride campaign to show how far you can walk in 5 and 10 minutes from the school. The pupils were amazed at how little time it took to walk up to the community centre showing that it should be possible to walk/cycle or scoot to school easily. Back in the classroom we discussed the benefits of a Park and Stride and how the JRSOs could help make this happen at their school.

Talking circles

The following week we came back to Hurlford Primary School to attend their ‘talking circles’ session on Thursday 12th March. We showed pupils how they had helped develop the initial designs along with others in their community as well as showing them the initial designs. The feedback from the pupils was positive especially in regards to lots of colour on Academy Street and Union Street. The JRSOs told the other pupils what they had been involved in throughout the project so far. After this pupils were split into their circles and the JRSOs launched the Park and Stride campaign. Each pupil started creating a poster to promote Park and Stride for the school. A selection of the posters will be made into a temporary sign to encourage parents and guardians to park in the designated car park to reduce traffic outside the school and get more pupils walking, cycling or scooting to school.

Design Workshop

We took a group of pupil council officers and Junior Road Safety officers out on a design walk to the 4 different locations in Hurlford which we have initial designs for. When in location we discussed how the area looked currently and compared this to an image of the design for that location. The pupils were great at noticing the changes in the design and gained an understanding of how Urban Designers think. Overall the pupils were interested in the designs and were happy to see some of their ideas had been taken on board. They also had some great ideas of how to use areas in the design. The pupil’s feedback will be considered when finalising the designs.

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Posted on 24th March 2020

by Eilidh Russell