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Hurlford Primary School Activities

A community group that is important to engage with is the youth. They have a different view of the world and so it is important to hear their opinions about Hurlford and their ideas for improvements,

The team went along to Hurlford Primary School and carried out activities with two P5 classes. A big thank you to Christine McManus, Travel Plan Co-ordinator, East Ayrshire Council, who helped out on the day.

Two of the activities were carried out in the classroom. These had the pupils moving about and interacting with the team and each other. They helped gather an understanding of how pupils feel about their journey to school and how it could be improved; their perception of safety; what is important to them in their environment; what changes they would like to see that could improve moving about and playing in Hurlford.

After the classroom activities, the classes were taken outside to a few different locations around the town. These had been identified as places which are often busy during the journey to and from school, or places where children use to play.

Pupils and teachers enjoyed themselves and the team gained some valuable insights and ideas from the day.

An activity booklet was left for each pupil to fill in and we are very much looking forward to seeing the dream journeys to school!

Posted on 19th November 2019

by Cat Wright