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Discovering the Urban Environment

In addition to all the comments from the community, the team also carried out a Public Life Study (PLS). This is another way of gaining an understanding of what is happening in a place and a method to identify potential changes that could benefit an area. During a PLS, the number of people within the chosen area are observed – movement patterns are traced and stationary activity is also recorded.

At four different time slots: 8.30am; 12pm; 3pm and 5pm, the team carried out studies on the locations you can see below:

These studies help the team to learn about the volume and demographic of people moving through and using the facilities in the village and how people are spending time in Hurlford.

To see a summary of the observations, please have a look here .

The team also want to learn about the vehicle movements within Hurlford. Therefore, in November a Traffic Speed and Volume survey and a Parking & Loading survey were carried out. The team are currently analysing the results of these.

What’s coming next?

There will be plenty of opportunities for the community to feed into the project over the coming months.

If you have any events going on that you would like us to attend or a community group that we could run an activity with, please contact Eilidh Russell:

The Active Travel Hub

Kilmarnock’s Active travel Hub have a range of Winter Walks organised and an 8 week cycling training course running. For more information, please contact Cat Wright:

Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge

Fancy setting yourself a challenge for March? This is a great way to get active on your commute to work and win some great prizes! You can register here , or get in touch for more information.

Posted on 28th January 2020

by Cat Wright